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RFQ: Associate Judge Klamath Tribes Judiciary RFQS # KTJ1323-1AJ

The Klamath Tribes
Request For Qualifications Statement(RFQS)
Associate Judge Klamath Tribes Judiciary RFQS # KTJ1323-1AJ
Download KTJ1323-1AJ F


The Klamath Tribes Judiciary (KTJ) is requesting Qualifications Statement from Native American judges and attorneys interested in serving as an Associate Judge for the KTJ Tribal Court. The Associate Judge will join a court staff which includes a Chief Judge, Judicial Director, Court Clerk, Juvenile Probation and Victim Services.

Subject to the direction of the Chief Judge, judicial duties may include presiding over and adjudicating cases involving civil matters, housing, guardianships, juveniles, domestic violence restraining orders and employment rights. Because the KTJ has the capacity for remote proceedings, judicial services may be on or off-site.

The Klamath Tribes and the Associate Judge will enter a contract subject to terms and scope of work more specifically provided for in the contract. The Tribe is requesting a qualifications statement which clearly sets forth experience, qualifications, hourly rate for judicial services and related expenses such as food, travel, and lodging. It is anticipated that the Associate Judge will provide approximately 8 to 10 hours of judicial services per month, depending upon the Tribal Court docket.

RFP ADM323-1Audit23-26

Request for Proposal (RFP)
Auditing Services The Klamath Tribes
Download RFP # KTADM3-23-1Audit23-26

The Klamath Tribes is requesting proposals from qualified and experienced consultants to perform auditing services and express opinions on the financial state of affairs for the fiscal years 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026 with an option to contract one extra year in 2027, if approved by the Klamath Tribes.

The Klamath Tribes are required by federal funding regulations to have external qualified auditing firms provide audits for all Klamath Tribes entities, which include the Klamath Tribes Administration, Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services, KLA-MO-YA Casino including the Sleep Inn Hotel, and the Crater Lake Junction Travel Center. The Klamath Tribes are looking for a firm that has extensive experience with Indian Tribal Governments and 2 CFR Part 200 Subpart F and can work well with each entity’s Finance Officer and staff. In addition, the consultant must adhere to the strict auditing guidelines for KLA-MO-YA Casino. The consultant will enter into a four-year contract with the Klamath Tribes via yearly engagement letters and amendments to the contract. The selected firm will prepare all audits and opinions, in a timely manner, and ensure each entity Finance Officer that the audit will be completed for review at minimum four weeks in advance of the yearly September 30th upload submission deadline to the Clearing House as well as submitting the Financial Statements for KLA-MO-YA Casino due to National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) by April 30th yearly.