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In loving memory, Joseph Dean Cook

In Memoriam Joseph Dean Cook, June 27, 1957 – May 13, 2024Joseph Dean Cook, known as Joe, peacefully passed away at his Albany, Oregon home on May 13, 2024. He was 66. Joe was born to the late Jack M. Cook Sr. and Verna Lou (George) of The Klamath Tribes. Joe was preceded in death by his parents and youngest brother, Jack Cook Jr. In his first marriage, he had his only child, Justina M. Cook, and later remarried Debra J. Cook. She had two children from a previous marriage: a son (Brandon Bandy) and a daughter (Tracy Bandy). Later on, he had five granddaughters, two being from Justina, Hailey Ettestad, and Fallon Cook. He loved his granddaughters very much. Debi and Joe remained married since 1996.

Joe leaves behind younger siblings Ronald, Kathleen, and Michael Cook. He had many cousins, nieces, and nephews. He had lived a great life. He retired from the army after 21 years as a Specialist. During his time in the Army, he was in the Army National Guard reserve, where he enjoyed serving. During his time in the army, he did tours in Iraq. Joe has always enjoyed a Pepsi, making friends and family, being there for others, helping when he could, learning to jam out, playing drums, listening to music, going to powwows and trips, and riding on his motorcycle. He was always riding when he had the chance, enjoying the Road Brothers, family, and friends riding behind him. He had been a loyal member there for nearly 15 years, and they became family, too. He helped the toy run and helped with fundraisers, which he enjoyed very much. Joe stole the room with his presence and sarcasm. He was humble and Kind. 

The kind of man that you’re gonna miss forever. He was laid to rest at the Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Ore., on May 23, 2024, where he received full honors and proceeded by his procession from Albany, Ore., with his Road Brothers MC Family behind him and friends.