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In Loving Memory, Tamara Marie Wright

Tamara Marie Wright

Tamara Marie Wright was born on Sept. 24, 1957 to Mary Ann and Harold B. Wright. She passed away in her Home on January 3rd 2023, where she was surrounded by her loved ones who visited her throughout the day.

Tamara had one sister GeorGene Wright Nelson of Chiloquin OR, three brothers Harold A. Wright of Chiloquin OR., Darin Wright of Beatty OR., and Aaron Wright of Chiloquin OR, and special friend Audra Allen.

She had two sons Nathaniel Wright of Chiloquin OR. and Plummie Wright of Salem, OR. Tamara had 7 grandchildren, Shyanna Wright, Konane Wright, Ei- shah Pirtle Wright, MaluLani Wright, Isaiah Wright, Aimee Wright, and Lil Rudy Wright.

Tamara will forever be remembered as a friend who would give you everything she had and expect nothing in return but your friendship. She loved to work on all her vehicles and she lived by the motto “If its broken, I can fix it, but if I can’t… I know someone who can”. She loved to go road trips with her family and friends, whether it was to the ocean, skiing with her cousins, or to the nearest casino, she didn’t care as long as she was on the road heading someplace. Tamara was a devoted and amazing artist and she loved to draw bears and horses in Native American regalia, as well as all kinds of funny little cowboys.

What Tamara loved most of all was her family. She loved all of her family, it didn’t matter if you were her first cousin or one hundredth cousin, family was family to her no matter what. She enjoyed spending every second with her grandbabies, and was so proud of all of them and loved showing them off to everyone. What she was most proud of was her two sons; how they both turned their lives around out of the darkness, and how they are living good lives.

Tamara had numerous nieces and nephews all who she loved very much and she was always so proud of them all. She also had numerous cousins, way too many to mention, but you know who all are and just know she LOVED you all till her last breathe.

A Family and Friend Gathering is being held for Tamara on April 29th. It will be held at the Goos Olgi Gowa Community Center in Chiloquin OR. at 11:00AM. A feed will be provided that will feature many of Tamara’s favorite foods and desserts. A memorial giveaway will be held in her Honor as well for all her family and friends. So please feel free to come and Celebrate The Life of Tamara Marie Wright

*For any questions or if you want to donate any items for Tamera’s giveaway please call her son Plummie Wright at 971-517-0110 *