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   Full time

   Closes 5/20/22

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The Natural Resources Department Office Manager will provide administrative support for all activities of the Department.  The work includes numerous responsibilities involving the day to day operations of the Natural Resource Department, requiring a wide range of administrative, secretarial, and financial skills.  This position requires someone who can work independently with minimal supervision to ensure timely, accurate and efficient work flow in accordance with office policies and procedures.  The work often involves highly confidential matters with the added pressure of deadlines.

While this position will be supervised by the Department Director, the Office Manager will provide extensive administrative support to all professional staff in the department.  The Office Manager will be involved in all aspects of the department, including extensive involvement in the administrative and financial aspects.  The Office Manager will be responsible for coordinating department functions with many external entities, including other Tribal personnel, Tribal officials, government agencies, professional associations, and the general public.

Employee must be able to work in a team environment while performing multiple tasks calmly and effectively often times, under pressure due to the nature of the work.

How to Apply

All applicants for open positions must submit a Klamath Tribes Administration Application for Employment with the required support documentation listed in the job description to be considered for employment. Applications must be received by the closing date to receive consideration.

The Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin
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“The mission of the Klamath Tribes is to protect, preserve and enhance the spiritual, cultural and physical values and resources of the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin Peoples by maintaining the customs and heritage of our ancestors. To establish comprehensive unity by fostering the enhancement of spiritual and cultural values through a government whose function is to protect the human and cultural resources, treaty rights, and to provide for the development and delivery of social and economic opportunities for our People through effective leadership.”