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Road Maintenance Technician

   Full time

   Apply until 04/05/23

Job Description

The Klamath Tribes Planning Department maintains a Referenced Funding Agreement (Government Compact) with the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the development and operation of the Klamath Tribes Tribal Transportation Program. The agreement authorizes the department to perform the transportation planning, research, maintenance, engineering, rehabilitation, restoration, construction and reconstruction of tribal transportation facilities that are located on, or provide access to Klamath Tribes Reservation and associated Tribal communities. The department seeks to find qualified employees who will be directly involved with all Road Maintenance activities authorized under 23 U.S>C. -200(a)(8)(A).

How to Apply

All applicants for open positions must submit a Klamath Tribes Administration Application for Employment with the required support documentation listed in the job description to be considered for employment. Applications must be received by the closing date to receive consideration.

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