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Word of the Day

Yesterday I introduced a very interesting form. It was the verb suffix -ok. It can be attached to the end of a verb to modify it’s meaning. It’s meaning is: because of + verb meaning + ing.

yulalona genok, ni gattkis gi. Because of going to Klamath Falls, I became cold.

I am not versed in lots of languages, but I would have no qualms about stating that this is a uniquely Klamath/Modoc form.

Today I will make several sentences with this form. You are welcome to translate them.

1. lilhanks panok, q-ai ni pas pan.

2. California genok, ni mo loslosli gi.

3. yamat genok, ni mo gattkis gi.

4. yewat genok, ni doma maqlaqs sle-a.

5. q-ai yulalona genok, q-ai ni honks domna.