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Greetings everyone!

Yesterday’s computer issues have been settled. Today I would like to look at the verbs on the handout: “Klamath nouns, verbs and non-nouns. I will attach the sheet I am talking about.

The fist  3 verbs is what we will be working with: sle-a, to see;  domna, to hear, and dyema, to be hungry.

I recommend that for now you use the subject ni=I. Every sentence will have a subject+ an object and a verb.

The subject is: ni=I

The sentence template we are working from is: ni ____ verb.

In the blank we can add a noun or a color.

From the section on nouns, we take the noun wac=horse.

So, our sentence looks like:

ni wac sle-a. I see the horse.

So make your own sentences using the verbs from the handout. The verbs are located on the right hand side of page 1 of this handout.