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In Loving Memory, Eldon Miller, Jr

In Loving Memory,

Eldon Miller Jr. (Feb. 6, 1980 – Aug. 23, 2021)

Eldon Ray Miller Jr., c’wiididiks, “Killdeer”, age 41 years old, was born February 6, 1980. He began his journey home on August 23, 2021.

Eldon was raised lovingly by his grandparents, John and Cassie Law of Chiloquin, Oregon. He was a loving son, brother, grandson, great grandson, uncle, nephew, great nephew, great great nephew, cousin and friend. Eldon graduated from Chiloquin High School.  He studied Music Engineering at Haskell Indian Nations University and Chief Dull Knife College.  He was a descendent of Chief Lalo, who signed the Klamath Indian Treaty of 1864, and who raised Eldon’s great grandmother, Cassie Lalo Case, a full-blood Klamath Indian. Eldon is Klamath, Siletz (Tututni), and Northern Cheyenne Tribes.  He was also a descendent of Tallwhiteman and Bobtailhorse, who fought in the Little Bighorn Battle and defeated Custer on foot.  Eldon loved his family very much. He loved traveling and trying new places to eat. He played basketball and he was good at defending and hustling on the court. Eldon recorded a song for his senior project, and while in college he published a poem. He loved music and dancing, raising the roof. Eldon spent a lot of time with our Auntie Phyllis and family at Kamkan Ranch.

Eldon is survived by his grandparents John and Cassie Law, his mother, Cassandra (Alec) Sandcrane, his father, Eldon Ray Miller Sr, his brothers, Lalo (Sonia) Miller, Eric Kirk; his sisters, Sarah Miller, LeeLee (Jesse) Miller, Angie Sandcrane, Delayna and Berthea Townsend. Uncles, Joe (Nanalyn) Law, Jerald Law, Wauseka Brown Jr., Poco Brown, Albert Wilder; Aunties, Rachel (Chris) Law, Tiana (Chief) Sanchey, Videll Miller, Renee (Crayton) Brown, Bindy (Marko) Brown, Velma Miller, Rachel Miller, Serena Jackson, Patty Sandcrane, Dolly Sandcrane. Great Aunties, Delores Case and Jackie (John) Galbreath; Great Great Aunt Susie Cain. Numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.  Preceded him in death, Grandparents, Wauseka and Lupe Brown Sr, Nancy Sandcrane, Elwood Miller Sr., brother, Charles Kirk; Great Grandparents, Edward (Cassie) Case Sr; Great Great Aunt Lavina Smith; Great Aunts, Phyllis Samson, Jessie (Gregory) Aguilar; Great Uncle/Aunt Edward (Betty) Case Jr; Great Aunt Corrina (Burton) Tallwhiteman; Aunts, Georgene Gallagher & Family, Cecelia Wilder, LaTonne (Irvin) Kirk, Louisa Brown. Uncles, Elwood Miller Jr., Louie Miller, Johnny Miller, Waukeen Brown. Cousin, Tori Case. Families are Cases, Smiths, Weeks, Jim Jackson Family, Unives, Millers, Browns, Logans, Tallwhiteman.

A wake was held on Friday, September 3rd, and the burial service was held the following day September 4, 2021.

Eldon, son, you are greatly missed and stinta umms née wnak.

Information submitted by his Mother: Cassandra Sandcrane

Provided: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 9:55 AM