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Klamath Tribes Celebrate FERC Dam Removal Decision

Dam Removal is now a reality

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Chiloquin, OR – The Klamath Tribes are overjoyed by the news of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) unanimous vote today to remove four dams from the Klamath River. Chairman Dumont of the Klamath tribes stated “Today’s decision underscores the need to move expeditiously to restore the health of our homeland ecosystem,” he also stated, “The Klamath Tribes remain eager to work with federal, state, and local partners who are willing to swallow hard and have the difficult discussions required to restore the ecological health, beauty, and economic potential of our shared home here in the Upper Basin”.

These dams have kept the Klamath Tribes from one of our traditional foods, c’iyaals (salmon), for over a hundred years. The Klamath Tribes once relied upon thousands of pounds of c’iyaals from upper basin rivers for not just subsistence but for good health. “The return of these fish will lead directly to both improved mental and physical health among our people,” said Secretary Roberta Frost.

The Klamath Tribes look forward to dam removal becoming a reality and reintroducing salmon back into the Upper Klamath Basin; however, Tribal leaders were careful to point to the danger posed to returning fish by a severely degraded ecosystem in the Upper Klamath Basin.

For more information contact;
Clayton Dumont, Chairman 541-887-9197 Roberta Frost, Secretary 541-892-1458