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Oregon Court Continues to Uphold Tribal Water

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Oregon Court Continues to Uphold Tribal Water Rights

(KLAMATH FALLS, ORE.)—On Wednesday, June 7, 2023, Klamath County Circuit Court Judge pro tem Stephen K. Bushong issued an opinion once again affirming the Klamath Tribes’ water and treaty rights. The Court rejected arguments that a prior ruling had wiped away a prior determination quantifying those water rights.

“The court did not then – and does not now – vacate the quantification of tribal claims in the [administrative order] pending any modification of the quantification of the tribal water rights,” Judge Bushong wrote.

“The Klamath, the Modoc and the Yahooskin-Paiute people have lived in the Klamath River Basin in Oregon from time beyond memory and our 1864 Treaty reserves our rights to hunt, fish, trap and gather, all of which require enough water to maintain a healthy and productive habitat for our treaty resources. We will continue to fight for the full protection these resources need,” said Klamath Tribes Tribal Chairman Clayton Dumont.

The opinion sends the Tribes’ determined claims back to the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) to evaluate whether the amount of the Tribes’ water rights should be modified on remand. Over objections from tribal opponents, the Court agreed with the Tribes to remand the matter back to OWRD, rather than to a referee.

“The Court recognized that our opponents have a limited opportunity to convince the Court that the size of the Tribes’ water rights should be reduced on remand. Any reduction below the amount necessary to support a healthy and productive habitat – which is how the claims were originally quantified – would be an abrogation of the Tribes’ treaty rights. And only Congress has the power to do that,” said Native American Rights Fund Staff Attorney Joe M. Tenorio.

The Court reminded all parties that, “the water level cannot be reduced below…the minimum required for a healthy and productive habitat.”

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