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Word of the Day

We are going to continue with sentences structures that will provide many sentences.

It may seem obvious but the next sentence structure is:

ni ____ sle-a. I see _____. In the blank we can put any noun that can be seen. Even pronouns so long as we use the object form of that pronoun.

1. ni daslats sle-a. I see a cougar.

daslats can be replaced by any noun you can see.

The next sentence structure goes along with the previous one.

ni ____domna. I hear ____. In this sentence we can put any noun that can be heard.

2. ni slewis domna. I hear the wind.

In the third sentence structure we will use the most common verb in Klamath-gi.

ni ____ gi. In this sentence we can put any noun that you can have or be.

3. ni yayna gi. I have a mountain.

We can make lots of sentences here. We can make even more when we change the pronouns to other pronouns and add verbal suffixes. The number of sentences we can make from these sentence structures is large. The number is in the thousands.