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Word of the Day

Today we are going to identify some animals by the sound they make and place them into the sentence pattern we have been discussing the last few days.

“hema” is to make a sound. It is unique to each animal that makes the sound.

An owl hoots. mokas hema.

A raven caws. ka-ak hema.

a cow moos. mosmos hema.

Identify the Klamath word for  animal that makes the sound and then put it into a sentence as we did above.

What animal: neighs, roars, brays, howls, meows, barks, bellows,

bleats, cries, squeals, squeaks, twitters, whistles, crows, caws, screeches,  sings, moos, hoots?

There may be more than one animal that makes each sound. Also what insect: chirps, hums, buzzes?

What are the sounds of water?