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Word of the Day

There are some basic skills one must develop when learning Klamath.

One such skill is the building of a vocabulary. This is done with lots of practice.

You need to be able to identify a noun and a verb. This just takes practice. It is one of the first skills that develop.

Another basic skill is the ability to make nouns from verbs to fit the situation. Again this takes practice.

Another skill necessary is the ability to look up words in the dictionaries. This takes time and a lot of practice.

The single most important item necessary to learn Klamath or any language is the determination of the student. No teacher can create this. A society can create the conditions which can foster this attitude.  Being able to speak Klamath must be critically important to the individual, before that individual will take up and continue all of the trials and difficulties involved in learning this language. Time and practice are necessary for all of the skills needed to master Klamath. You must ask yourself the question: “Is this important to me?”

If it is important, how important is it?

I have been teaching in the high schools for several years now and the time is coming when I will have all of the teaching materials necessary to teach someone how to speak Klamath. Now I need to know how many people will step up to the language plate and commit to learning Klamath.

Ron Busby