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Word of the Day

This week we will be looking at Klamath numbers.

1. one=nas

2. two=lap

3. three=ndan

4. four=wonip

5. five=tonip

6. six=nacksept

7. seven=lapksept

8. eight=ndanksept

9. nine=nacqeks

10. ten=tewnip

The numbers from 11-19 have a different pattern that is used in many numbers after 20 so it must be learned. The number for 10-tewnip-occurs in every number from here on out.

11. tewnip ant nas=11

12. tewnip ant lap=12

13. tewnip ant ndan=13

14. tewnip ant wonip=14

15. tewnip ant tonip=15

16. tewnip ant nacksept=16

17. tewnip ant lapksept=17

18. tewnip ant ndanksept=18

19. tewnip ant nacqeks=19

20. tewnipni lap=20

Here the pattern changes again with the suffix -ni on tewnip meaning  Times. We will pick up here tomorrow.