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We have seen how the suffix -opka can be used and that it has the same meaning as : “sanauli.”  So, it can use the same sentence structure as : “sanauli'” uses.

Two sentence structures we have looked at that can be used to generate hundreds of sentences are: dwa i sanauli ____”what do you want ____?  and ni sanauli ______. Both sentence structures can have verbs placed in the blanks to complete the sentence and make common questions we use every day.

In each sentence structure sanauli can be replaced by -opka which is attached to the verb used to complete the sentence.

ex. dwa i sanauli shuta? What do you want to do?  The second structure is shown in the sentence: ni genopka.

Using the lists of verbs we have worked with and other materials you can make these sentences. How many can you make. If you can get access to the Gatschet dictionary, you will be able to make many more sentences. This dictionary is on the tribal website. Go to language and click on it. At the bottom of many choices is a Very green button that says: dictionary. Click on it. It will take you to another page. On the right hand side of the page is a very long very green button that says: download Klamath Dictionary. This is an older book-printed in 1890- but very useful.

The other dictionary is Barker’s dictionary. It is very hard to use and only uses about 30% of the work of Gatschet. Barker’s work was never intended to be used by language learners. He says this in his introduction. But some people still insist on using it.