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Word of the Day

Today we are going to be making some sentences as we have been doing. Except we will add a suffix to the verb.  This suffix is: -t. It adds the meaning of: “can” to the verb.

ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain.

Our new sentence is: ni yayna sle-at.  I can see the mountain.

Our new suffix does not change the meaning of the sentence much, but it is a very important suffix. It expresses the idea of ability or permission.

ni wdomat. I can swim.

ni yulalona genat. I can go to Klamath Falls.

Everyone who is one the Zoom meeting needs to receive a worksheet from me that will help them get started learning Klamath. In the next couple days we will be emailing these out so that you can get them and we can work on them during the meeting.