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Word of the Day

We have been looking at colors recently. I thought it would be interesting to look at repeating adjective that do not describe colors. However, they behave like colors in that they too have repeating syllables.

1. loslosli=warm

2. liclicli=strong

3. limlimli=dark colored, of people having a dark complexion

4. gemgemli=calm, quiet

5. cakcakli=pointed, sharp

6. limlima=v. to drizzle

7. kalkali=round, rounded, cylindrical

8. kickicli=rough, tightly fitting

9. patpatli=flat, even, smooth

10. laklakli=slippery, polished

11.taltali=running straight

Like the colors, these will also take the -tgi suffix to mean: to become ______.

They can also be used like other adjectives.

anko mo patpatli gi. The wood was very smooth.