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Word of the Day

There are several very interesting verbal forms. By verbal, I mean they are not full verbs that can take subjects and yet they express verbal concepts.

Today we will look at one such form.

The first form is : ota. It is a verb suffix that expresses a verbal action that happens at the same time as the main verb of the sentence. It “rests” on the main verb of the sentence so that a complete sentence can be made.

Every day I go to Klamath Falls to teach a Klamath class at KU. On my trip I count the number of bald eagles I see.

1. nanok waytas yulalona genota,   ni dom yawqal sle-a.

While going to Klamath Falls everyday, I see many bald eagles.

The verbal used here in -ota is most often expressed as a “while” clause as this action happens at the same time as the “seeing” in this sentence.

2. celgisdat celgota, ni gen somalwa. While sitting in this chair, I wrote this.

The two actions happen at the same time.