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Word of the Day

We are going to continue with some sentence structure completion.

Using the handout: Klamath Nouns, Verbs and Non-nouns, find nouns to complete these sentences. These sentences are chosen because there are many possibilities.


Ex: ni ———- domna.  I hear ________.

Put into the sentence something you can hear.

ni mecmecli domna. I hear blue. This is a sentence, but it really doesn’t make much sense. does it?

1. ni ____ domna. I hear _______.

2. ni _______ pan I eat ______.


There is an interesting sentence structure that requires a verb to be paced into the blank to make a sentence.

ni sanauli ______. I want to _______.

ex: ni sanauli sle-a. I want to see.

1. ni sanauli ______.

Try this sentence. There are many possible sentences. Some verbs won’t make a workable sentence. You need to see it.