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Word of the Day

When making sentences in Klamath, it is a good idea to place at the beginning of the sentence a Time Element or Time phrase.  every sentence you make can be made more interesting by using these items.


gen waytas=today

gen psekst giulank=this afternoon

gen litgi=this evening

mbosant=morning or tomorrow

any day of the week plus giulank=last (whatever the day of the week you used

lobini giulank=last Monday

lapniks giulank=last Tuesday

ndanniks giulank=last Wednesday

wonipniks giulank=last Thursday

tonipniks giulank=last Friday

se-ets giulank=last Saturday

sandi giulank=last Sunday or last week, sandi can be used for Sunday or week

So, make some simple sentences and add Time Elements to your sentences. You will be surprised that it sounds so good!

tonipniks giulank ni wacak gi.