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Word of the Day

Today we will look at two sentences and how the addition of some Time Elements change their translation. This will be something we use in the Thursday Zoom class.

Translate the sentences into English paying attention to how the Time Elements change the meaning of the sentence.

1. ni wac gi.

2. ona ni wac gi.

3. mbosant ni wac gi.

4. gen waytas ni wac giwapka.

5. lobini giulank ni wac gi.

6. ona ni wac giwapka.

7. hot qdoca.

8. ona hot qdoca.

9. mbosant hot qdocawapka.

10. gen waytas hot qdocawapka.

11. lobini giulank hot qdoca.

12. ona hot qdocawapka.

I want you to make up 2 sentences and arrange them like these sentences.