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Word of the Day

We are going to continue with sentence translation as you are doing very well with it. We will add one thing to make it interesting. We will look into how to make a yes/no question from a sentence. Using a sentence, we will make a Yes/No question. To make this question, you add the word “dal” to the beginning of the sentence and change the pronoun in the sentence to fit the circumstance.

ex. ni goge domna is the first sentence we will change. The sentence means:


The question is: dal i goge domna and it means:


Since you are speaking to another person, the pronoun changes from “I” to “you.”

Let’s try a few. If you have questions, please send me an email and I will reply as soon as I see your email. Translate the original sentence and make the question

1. ni wac gi. _________________. _________________________________________?

2. ni gattka. _______________. ___________________________________________?

3. ni yulalona gena. ___________________. ______________________________?

4. ni witem sle-a. _____________________. ______________________________?

5. ni mbosaksawas gembli. _____________________. ___________________________?

6. q-ai ni yayna sle-a.  _____________________. ________________________________?

7. ni plaikni ciya. ______________________. _____________________________________?

8. ni lilhanks sle-a. ____________________. _____________________________________?

9. ni yawqal domna. __________________. _____________________________________?

10. ni lacas woyganks. ________________. _____________________________________?