Word of the Day

We have examined several types of questions. We will do one more today. This question asks: “when/where.”

The question that asks “where/when” is made by adding the word: “dada” to the beginning of the sentence. You also need to change the pronoun to fit the circumstance. The context surrounding the question will tell you whether¬† the question is “where or when.”

example: ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain.

dada i yayna sle-a? Where do you see the mountain?

Please translate these questions.

1. dada i gena? _________________?

2. dada sa gembli? ______________?

3. dada i yulalona gena? ______________?

4. dada nad lilhanks pan? _____________?

5. dada  i witem sle-a? ________________?

6. dada i yawqal sle-a? ________________?

7. dada sa honks hemkanga? _______________?

8. dada ad yamatala ciya? __________________?

9. dada i goge domna? _____________________?

10. waq i giok ewksikni hemkanks sayoga? ___________________________________?