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Word of the Day

We have examined several types of questions. We will do one more today. This question asks: “when/where.”

The question that asks “where/when” is made by adding the word: “dada” to the beginning of the sentence. You also need to change the pronoun to fit the circumstance. The context surrounding the question will tell you whether  the question is “where or when.”

example: ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain.

dada i yayna sle-a? Where do you see the mountain?

Please translate these questions.

1. dada i gena? _________________?

2. dada sa gembli? ______________?

3. dada i yulalona gena? ______________?

4. dada nad lilhanks pan? _____________?

5. dada  i witem sle-a? ________________?

6. dada i yawqal sle-a? ________________?

7. dada sa honks hemkanga? _______________?

8. dada ad yamatala ciya? __________________?

9. dada i goge domna? _____________________?

10. waq i giok ewksikni hemkanks sayoga? ___________________________________?