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Today we will look at a process that everyone who is learning Klamath needs to be aware of and work toward being able to use. That process is the process of adding suffixes to nouns and verbs to change the meaning of the sentences you work with.

Today we will look at verb suffixes. Not every verb uses every suffix. But we need to be able to use them all so our ability to express ourselves can expand and we can use the language we are learning.

I am going to list a bunch of suffixes. I will list several noun structures. You should be able to use, express yourselves with these suffixes.

1. -t=can

2. -wapka=will

3. -ota=while+ verb meaning+ ing

4. -ok=because of + verb meaning + ing

5. -ank=after + verb meaning + ing

6. -ank=please + verb meaning

7. -opka=want + to + verb meaning

8. -tki=should + verb meaning

9. -aya= verb meaning + on the ground

10. -tamna=continue + to + verb meaning

This will be a very good start. There are several very good sentence structures that will lead to many possible sentences.

1. dwa i sanauli ___________+ to + verb meaning. This sentence structure makes questions.

example: dwa i sanauli pan. What do you want to eat?

2. ni sanauli ________.  + to + verb meaning. This sentence structure can also be used with nouns

example: ni sanauli goge domna. I want to hear the river.

example: ni sanauli wac. I want a horse.

3. ni  dicewa ________. I like to + verb meaning

  example:  ni dicewa pan. I like to eat.