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Word of the Day

So, once you have determined what your sentence will be, present it to the group you are working with. You may have to say it several times-That is OK. Even if they have to write it down, that is OK too.

Let’s say that the group gets the sentence. Now, the person who is the one who was spoken to, will make a response. It is OK to have the group help with building a response.

ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain. Let’s start with this sentence. As a response, you can ask any question. Put the response in English first. Let’s say you choose to ask “why.”

Why do you see the mountain?

Now put that response into Klamath.

waq i giok yayna sle-a?

Now another person will respond to that question.

Because it is a good day.

giok hot dic waytas gi.

Then another person asks a question of that sentence.

Why is it a good day?

giok hot pata gi. Because it is summer.

It is your choice how long you can continue with any sentences/questions. You can start a new series any time you feel like it.

This is just one more exercise on the road to language learning. Reading is good too!