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Word of the Day

dic mbosant nanokens!

Good morning everyone!

gen waytas ndanniks gi.

Today is Wednesday.

Today we are going to learn a highly used suffix. It means: in, on or at. The suffix is: -dat.It has one very odd characteristic. If the final consonant of the word is other than the letter “k,” “s,” or “t” the letter”d” of -dat becomes the final letter of the word so that it is doubled. Or, if the final letter of the word is a vowel, other than the letter “a” the letter “d” of -dat becomes the corresponding semivowel. What does all of that mean? I tell classes that if they see a word that ends in the letters “-at” and it has a doubled consonant, it is this suffix.

An example is: sandi + -dat= sandiyyat. It means: on Sunday.

A normal usage of this suffix is: lapniksdat. It means on Tuesday.

In a sentence: sandiyyat ni witemak sle-a. On Sunday I saw a bear cub.