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We are going to look at how to generate nouns from verbs.

There are three (3) nouns made from verbs in this way. We will look at one (1)each day this week.

We will start with a verb chosen at random. We will use celga=to sit.

The 1st noun is made by adding the suffix -is to the verb. When you do this in most cases the final vowel drops off. So, we end up with celgis. This suffix makes a noun that can mean the person who does the action of the verb OR the thing required to do the action of the verb. In this instance it means the thing required to do the action of the verb=chair.

In a celgisdat celga. I am sitting in a chair.


The suffix -dat =in, on  or at. Since it is added to chair, it can refer to in a chair

celga=verb that means to sit

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