Reading Progress:

Word of the Day

dic mbosant nanokens!

Good morning everyone!

gen waytas wonipniks gi.

Today is Thursday.

                                                               What’s it mean?

Today and tomorrow we will have a slight review of what we have gone over. I will put some sentences in Klamath up and you get to translate them. All of the material is from recent material and the hand outs. Tomorrow I will put up translations of the sentences for today.

1. hoccna=run

ni hoccnas dicewa.

2. domna=hear-what is the thing called that you hear?

ni domnis domna.

3. e-alga=read-what is the thing called that you read.

ni e-algis e-alga.

4. satwaya=help

dal i gaw satwayis sanauli?

5. wola=ask-what is the thing called that you ask?

ni wolis gi!