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On Wednesday, I will be hosting a Zoom meeting and I will be focusing on that . So, for this week we will be starting over again at the beginning.

dwa gen gi?

Imagine that I am holding something in my hand.

I ask you: dwa gen gi?

dwa=what? it is one of several question forms.


There are several ways to say-this. gen refers to something close at hand.

Whatever the response is, the reply will use the word: hot. This is a word that means: that. It refers to something not close. It is close to the first speaker so it is “gen.” It is farther away from the person answering so it is “hot.”

Imagine that I am holding a cat. The Klamath word for cat is: posis.

So, I say: dwa gen gi? What is this?

You say: hot posis gi. That is a cat.