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Word of the Day

Today we will provide the translations for the last couple days.

Remember that these are the responses to the question: dwa gen gi? What is this?

1. hot ambo gi. That is water.

2. hot qdai gi. That is a rock.

3. hot maksa gi. That is a basket.

4. hot taktakli gi. That is red.

5. hot mecmecli goge gi. That is a blue river.

6. hot kols gi. That is a badger.

7. hot lilhanks gi. That is a deer.

8. hot wac gi. That is a horse.

9.  hot yawqal gi. That is a bald eagle.

10. hot wiqwiqs gi. That is a magpie.

Please see the Word of the Day postings from the last two days for the voice recordings.