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Word of the Day

Our three verbs today are: shuta=do, make; gena=go; wola=ask.

shuta is a verb that needs to have an object even if it is “it.”

Can you find a noun that can be used in a sentence that says: I made it.

gena is the usual verb that says: “you go/went somewhere.”

Can you find a noun that tells you where you went?

When you ask someone, you use wola.

Can you find a noun that is something you ask? You can also ask a person. “I asked Bob.”

We are now going to look at time elements.

Today we will use: ga-ak=long ago, and welisht=just recently, a short time ago.

The sentence we will use is: ni gattka=I am cold!

ga-ak ni gattka. Long ago I was cold.

welisht ni gattka.  A short time ago I was cold.