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Word of the Day

Today we are going to begin our introduction to questions. We can make sentences and by asking a question we will begin a conversation.

Do you remember my demonstration question? ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain.

I am going to show you why I call it a demonstration sentence. I will demonstrate  how to make a Yes/No question.

ni yayna sle-a.    The way to make a Yes/No question is to put the word “dal” at the beginning of the sentence.

dal ni yayna sle-a? Do I see the mountain?

When you are asking another person, the pronoun as the subject needs to be changed to: i=you.

so, ni yayna sle-a becomes: dal i yayna sle-a. Do you see the mountain.

Put it all together.

ni yayna sle-a. dal i yayna sle-a? I see the mountain. Do you see the mountain?

So, in this lesson we have learned how to make a Yes/No question.

AND we saw the value of a demonstration sentence. Everyone should have a demonstration sentence. It should be two or three words long so it can be easily remembered and used by you. It would help if the subject of the sentence is: ni.

So, all you have to do is pick a verb that calls out to you. Make a demonstration sentence and remember it.