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We will be continuing with verbal suffixes and how we can make questions with them.

Today’s suffix is: wapka. The suffix can be used under a large number of uses. I will be best for now to think of the word, “will” in a future sense.

ni yayna slewapka-I will see the mountain

The verb “sle-a” is a little odd when adding suffixes. In this instance, “sle-a” dropped the final “a”. I have seen the form “slewapka” most often.

So try this suffix out on your demonstration sentence

I will use the “Why” question

waq i giok yayna slewapka? Why will you see the mountain?

When responding to a question. It might help to put it in English first and then replace the words with Klamath equivalents. Then put the verb last. You now have a Klamath sentence