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We have looked at a couple verbal suffuxes and made a question for each of those suffixes

Now, I would like you to make a new sentence other than your demonstration sentence and put it through the -t suffix in each of the questions

mbosant ni lilhanks pawapka-Tomorrow I will eat deer

When we make a question with sentences with what I call time elements, it goes on the end of the sentences because the  question making word has to be first.

Question 1

dal i lilhanks pawapka mbosant? Will you eat deer tomorrow?

Question 2

waq i giok lilhanks pawapka mbosant? Why will you eat deer tomorrow?

The response begins with giok-because

giok ni mooo dyemawapka! Because I will be very hungry

Question 3

waq i lilhanks pawapka mbosant? How will you eat deer tomorrow?

The response can be:

mbosant ni lilhanks legawawastka pawapka-I will eat deer tomorrow with my fingers.