Reading Progress:


Today we will finish the 6 types of questions with the sentence using the –wapka suffix.
The sentence is: mbosant ni lilhanks pawapka. Tomorrow I will eat deer.


The next question is: when/where.
This seems odd to have one word for two possible meanings. But it really is not odd. The context of the conversation will tell you what meaning is intended.
dada i lilhanks pawapka mbosant? Where will you eat deer tomorrow?

mbosant ni mi lacasdat lilhanks pawapka. Tomorrow I will eat deer at your house.

Since the when is answered already in the sentence, I took it to mean where.
The next question is: who.
One way of expressing “who” is by the word: kani.
kani lilhanks pawapka mbosant? Who will eat deer tomorrow?
mbosant no lilhanks pawapka mi lacasdat. I will eat deer tomorrow at your house.
The final question we will be looking at is: what.
What is expressed by the word: dwa.
dwa ni pawapka mbosant? What will you eat tomorrow?
mbosant ni  pawapka mbosant?  What will you eat tomorrow?

lilhanks, lilhanks ni pawapka mbosant