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It is now time to practice what we have learned.

It is possible to write down in English a conversation and put it into Klamath. Here is a possible conversation. We have started with gejigis and hoslta. There are many possible places to start. You might choose to use another word or structure. The one really important thing is that you go through the mental actions of a conversation. What the conversation is really is not important. You will get a feeling of accomplishment from doing this.

It is imagined that you and several family members are in a group and want to practice your Klamath.

You can engage in mini conversations.

One person can ask: dal i gejigis hoslta?

Are you tired?

The next person can respond: ii, ni mo gejigis hoslta! Yes, I am very tired!

The next person can ask waq i giok gejigis hoslta? Why are you tired?

The next person can respond: giok ni psin giulank q-ai qtana . Because I didn’t sleep last night.

The next person can ask: waq i giok  psin giulank q-ai qtana ? Why didn’t you sleep last night?