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Press Release – Klamath Irrigation District Directors Vote for Illegal Water Diversion

Klamath Irrigation District Directors Vote for Illegal Water Diversion, Threatening Further Treaty Violations and Increasing Basin Tensions

The Klamath Tribes are angered by the results of Klamath Irrigation District’s (KID) recent vote. The only conclusion we can draw from it is that KID plans to increase its ongoing, illegal diversions from Ews/Upper Klamath Lake. (KID has been charging the A Canal for week’s despite being instructed not to by the United States.) We remain incensed by the United States’ failure to enforce its own law.

We have to wonder what would happen if, as Native people, we engaged in such blatantly unlawful action? Would we be allowed to take the law into our own hands with impunity? Or is that a privilege only reserved for settler society?

We have heard much talk from the Project irrigators about “the need for responsible behavior” and “cooperation so that we can keep the peace.” Was it only talk? KID’s leadership should think carefully about the consequences of further theft, further treaty violations, and the escalation of tensions. Be responsible neighbors.

We urge the United States to fulfill its role as trustee of our treaty rights. Be present. Uphold the law. Keep the peace.