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In Loving Memory, Leroy Morrill

In Loving Memory, Never Forgotten

Leroy Xavier Wass-Morrill — who preferred to be known as Leroy Morrill — was a beloved son, grandchild, nephew, cousin, friend, and descendent of the Klamath Tribes. He was born on July 19, 1999 in Portland, Oregon to educator Angie Morrill (daughter of Peggy Jo Ball Morrill) and his family history dates back generations beyond the 1948 flood in Vanport to time immemorial on these lands.

A young man of compassion and insight, Leroy was active with the Black Lives Matter protests over the last year. That activist spirit was undoubtedly rooted in his deeply felt pride in his Indigenous heritage. His personal interests also extended to reading and fashion, movies and music. An avid concertgoer, he especially enjoyed The Weeknd, Lil Peep, and many emo artists. But whether immersing himself at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire or summering in Chiloquin, Leroy embraced the adventure of life — often documenting it in photos and video. He was an artist and muse in the making.

After Leroy’s home birth in an inflatable baby pool in Southeast Portland, his mother Angie was inspired to go back to school, eventually earning a Doctorate in Ethnic Studies. Because of that, Leroy grew up in the company of intellectuals, artists, and writers who were captivated by his charm, beauty, and soulfulness. In his short life, Leroy brought that vibrant spirit into the next generation where he has left an indelible imprint on the hearts, minds, and souls of many individuals and communities.

He will be missed.

Information submitted by his Mother,

Angie Morrill, Ph.D. (Klamath Tribes)

Program Director of PPS Title VI Indian Education

5210 N. Kerby Ave. Portland, OR 97217