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                                                   Some pronouns

1. The pronoun for I is: __ni_______

_ni yayna sle-a. I see the mountain._______.

2. The emphatic pronoun for I is: __no_____

no yayna sle-a.   I__see the mountain!_____.

3. the pronoun for me is: _nis____.

_i nis sle-a. You saw me._____________________________________.

4. The emphatic pronoun for me is: _nos_____

__i nos sle-a.You saw Me!__________________________.

5. The pronoun for you is: i _______.

___i honks domna. You heard it.______________________.

6. The plural pronoun for you (as a group) is : ____ad___.

__ad nis sle-a. All of you saw me._________________.

7. The pronoun for she/he/it/that as a subject is: __hot______.

___hot nis sle-a._He saw me.________________________________.

8. The pronoun for him/her/it/that as an object is: honks__.

_ni honks domna. ni honks domna. I heard him_______________.

9. The pronoun for there is: gida_____.

____ni gida ciya. I live here._____________.

10. The pronoun for they as a subject is: sa_____.

__sa gida ciya. They live here.________.

11. The pronoun for them as an object is: sas______.

__ni sas sle-a. I see them.____________.

12. The pronoun for “my” is: ______.

__ni sas sle-a. I saw them________________.

13. The pronoun for “your” is:  mi____.

____hot mi wacak gi. That is your dog.____________________.

14. The pronoun for “their” is: sam__.

___hot sam lacas gi. That is their house._________.

Please refer to the often mentioned handout: Klamath Nouns, Verbs and Non-nouns. Pronouns can be confusing. There are so many. However if you have a question or need the handout, email me and I will get the information to you.