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Word of the Day

Today we will continue with and complete the verbal suffixes. In today’s suffixes is one of only a few specifically Modoc suffixes. Like yesterday our beginning sentence will be: ni lilhanks domna. I hear the deer.

1. The suffixes are : -yega and -tampka. Their meaning is to begin the activity of the verb.

ni lilhanks domnayega. I began to hear the deer.

ni lilhanks domnatampka. I began to hear the deer.

Both of these sentences express the same meaning. -yega is the suffix preferred in Klamath for this meaning and -tampka is the suffix used in Modoc to express this verb.

2. -ola is the suffix. Its meaning is the action of the verb is finished or completed.

ni lilhanks domnola. I am finished hearing the deer.

3. The suffix is: -iya. Its meaning is that the action of the verb is done for another.

ni lilhanks domniya. I am hearing the deer for another.