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Word of the Day

Today we will begin making sentences in Klamath in earnest.

We will have a short list of verbs and nouns with which to work from.

      VERBS                      SUBJECT PRONOUNS            NOUNS   

sle-a=see                                      ni=I                             yayna=mountain

domna=hear                              i=you (s)                     goge=river

dyema=be hungry                   sa=they                         pas=food

ambodga=be thirsty               nad=we                         lilhanks=deer

bonwa=drink                           ad=all of you                sabas=sun

pan=eat                                                                           wgawgos=moon

Now we pick a subject pronoun. That is a pronoun that we can use as the subject of the sentence-We have the sane distinction in English-I/me.

Let’s choose sa=they. Now we pick a verb. Let’s choose dyema=be hungry.

Our sentence is done. sa dyema.

They are hungry. It is that easy.

You can have fun by making interesting sentences.

sa wgawgos pan. They ate the moon.

So now you can try.