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Word of the Day

Today by using the lists of words we made yesterday, I am going to show you how to create lots of sentences.

       Verbs                                            Subject  Pronouns                         nouns

sle-a=to see                                        ni= I                                                yayna=mountain

domna=to hear                                i-you                                               goge=river

dyema=to be hungry                      sa=they                                          pas=food

ambodga=to be thirsty                   nad=we                                         lilhanks=deer

bonma=to drink                                ad=all of you                               sabas=sun

pan=to eat                                                                                                  wgawgos

Now beginning with the subject noun. We will start with ni since it is at the top of that column. go to the left and select a verb. Let’s select domna. So we have ni domna=I hear. Now let’s select an object noun-the thing you hear. Let’s select goge.

So now we have a sentence: ni goge domna. I hear the river

Now repeat this process only change the selections you make.

i lilhanks domna. You hear a deer.

repeat the selection process.

sa pas pan. They eat the food.