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Word of the Day

Today we will make some dates for our calendar.

Klamath uses the number form with the -ni suffix to describe something in relation to other numbers-first, second, third, fourth, fifth,…

So, we have a third use for this suffix. The suffix -ni indicates what is called the ordinal number.

Today’s date is: December31st.

We will work with the number. It is a whole other thing for months.

30 + 1=31st

tewnipni ndan ant nas

17th=tewnip ant lapksept 10 + 7




January 1st=tgopo lobini

Right hand                                                                     Left hand

January=tgopo                                                              lapni tgopo=June

February=spelwish                                                     lapni spelwish=July

March=datglamni                                                        ndanni tgopo=August

April=shinaktis                                                             ndanni spelwish=September

May=kapca                                                                    lapni datglamni=October

                                                                                         lapni shinaktis=November

                                                                                         lapni kapca=December

So, the full date is lapni kapca tewnipni ant nas. December 31st