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Today we are going to work with numbers a little more. We will all make our birthday date in Klamath. You can then make the birthday dates of the people in your family. I will give you the months of the year so this this information is handy.

                     Right hand                                           Left hand

                  tgopo=January                                     lapni tgopo=June                             

                  spelwish=February                             lapni spelwish=July

                  datglamni=March                               ndanni tgopo=August

                 shinaktis=April                                    ndanni spelwish=September

                 kapca=May                                            lapni datglamni=October

                                                                                  lapni shinaktis=November

                                                                                  lapni kapca=December

My birthday is September 17th, 1957.

So, we take the month-in this case ndanni spelwish.

We can add the suffix -dat to this month. That gives: ndanni spelwishdat.

17 is: tewnip ant lapksept. Now, we use the suffix -ni. Here it is used to create the ordinal number in Klamath. The -th number

tewnip ant lapkseptni=17th.

Now we add the phrase: I was born-ni giulga.  To put it all together we get: ndanni spelwishdat ni giulga. I was born on the 17th of September. The year does not change.

ndanni spelwishdat 1957 ni giulga. I was born on September 17th, 1957.

Now you try it.