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Word of the Day

Today we are going to be working with numbers but in a different way. We are going to be doing some simple math.

The key words to know are:



subtract=kinkani shuta

multiply is the suffix -ni


numbers through 10 are:

nas=1                              6. nacksept=6

lap=2                               7. lapksept=7

ndan=3                           8. ndanksept=8

wonip=4                        nacqeks=9

tonip=5                          tewnip=10

                     Now for some simple math.

lap netna lap wonip gi.  __________________________________.

wonip shiatka lap lap gi.   ________________________________.

lapni lap wonip gi.  ________________________________.

wonip kinkani shuta lap lap gi.  _________________________________.

wonip netna lap nacksept gi. ___________________________________.

nacksept shiatka lap ndan gi. _________________________________.

lapni ndan nacksept gi.  ________________________________.

nacksept kinkani shuta lap wonip gi. ______________________.

Try some on your own.