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Word of the Day

Today we are going to put our number sense to use.

tgopo=January                                     lapni tgopo=June

spelwish=February                             lapni spelwish=July

datglamni=March                                ndanni tgopo=August

shinaktis=April                                    ndanni spelwish=September

kapca=May                                           lapni datglamni=October

                                                               lapni shinaktis=November

                                                               lapni kapca=December

The sentences we are going to make is how many days are there in each month.

This is the structure we will use: month + number + day + has.

January has 31 days. Of course this is in English. It gets a little harder to put it in Klamath. But there are two ways to do it. You can write the English sentence out and then change each of the words for the Klamath equivalent and put the verb last.

Or you can use the template I gave you and put the Klamath sentence together in that form: month + number + Klamath word for day + has.  Work on it and tomorrow I will put the Klamath sentences in the Word of the Day.