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Word of the Day

We are making sentences.

Subject + Object + Verb=sentence. All languages are sentence oriented. To learn any language , you make sentences, read and write.

For the moment, you should use “ni” as the subject of your sentences. After you get the hang of making the sentences you want, you can branch out to other subjects. Any noun can be a subject.


wacak=dog      qcol=star     galo=sky     kyem=fish     lilhanks=deer     kols=badger     giwas=Crater Lake     yawqal=bald eagle     maksa=basket     goge=river


sle-a=see     domna=hear     dyema=to be hungry     sanauli=want     pan=eat     bonwa=drink     gena=go     shuta=do, make      dicewa=like

                                              Now put them together

ni _____  verb   In the blank you can put any of the nouns listed. Write your sentences down. It helps to rewire your brain to learn Klamath.

ni maksa shuta. I make a basket.  

It may sound a little wooden. We can address that later.

When you use the verb sle-a, you need to use a noun that you can see.

The same with other verbs.