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Word of the day

I gave you a couple days to take in the last posting. You really need to be able to make Klamath  sentences if you want to speak Klamath.

I am going to show you a rapid fire sentence making plan. With it you can make lots of sentences.

You take the basic structure of a sentence.

ni ______ sle-a. I see _______.

While looking at the list of nouns, you insert a noun into the blank and say the sentence. Then you go onto the next sentence and then the next, the next ….

ni wacak sle-a-I see the dog. ni qcol sle-a-I see the star.  ni galo sle-a-I see the sky. ni kyem sle-a-I see a fish. ni lilhanks sle-a-I see the deer. ni kols sle-a-I see  the badger. ni giwas sle-a-I see Crater Lake. ni yawqal sle-a-I see a bald eagle. ni maksa sle-a-I see a basket. ni goge sle-a-I see the river.

Now you change pronouns. Go through the same process with a different pronoun.

When you finish with that you go onto a different pronoun and on and on until there are no more pronouns.

Now you start with nouns as the subject.

The first noun is wacak. wacak qcol sle-a-The dog sees a star. wacak galo sle-a. The dog sees the sky. and so on and so on until you change subjects so much you run out of nouns.

When you finish all of the nouns, start over with a different verb. Go through the process. Change verbs when you feel like it. It will really help if you do this for 5-10 minutes every day. When we come to questions, it will really help if you work with someone so you can ask them the questions and they can answer. Learning a language can be hard work, but try to find some fun in it.

When that happens we will go onto questions. There are 6 basic types I want you to learn. We can get into that subject when we come to it.