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Word of the Day

One of the most used verbs in Klamath is “gi.” It means: is, was, were, are, am, have, had, get, got and more. These are the most common meanings. When translating a sentence with “gi” as the verb, most of the times it will mean: is. It might be helpful to translate “gi” until the last as the meaning won’t be clear until everything else is in front of you. We will try some.

1. ni wac gi. _______________________________.

2. ni gattka. ________________________________.

3. sa gattka. ________________________________.

4. ni lilhanks gi. _____________________________.

5. ni woyganks gi. ___________________________.

When translating these sentences, look at the sheet: Klamath Nouns, Verbs and Non-nouns. You can email me your questions.