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Word of the Day

This exercise we have been illustrating can be expanded to meet every single sentence you can think of. When you get tired of using the nouns you have access to, you can look up a new batch of nouns in the Gatschet dictionary. I will try to make other lists of nouns. But you will benefit from looking up the words. You need to run them past me as there are some changes that need to be made in the Klamath since the 1870s.

You can adapt this exercise to fit everything we do. New sentence structures will give new opportunities to adapt this exercise.

So, new nouns. New verbs.

When you are looking up a word. Let’s say you want to find the word for “eternal.” It is not listed. What are you going to do? Don’t give up. Look up a synonym for that word. You have access to the internet. I look up synonyms all of the time.

Try making a full blown conversation.

A:ni wacak sle-a. dal i wacak sle-a?  I see the dog. Do you see the dog?

B:ii, ni wacak sle-a. waq i giok wola? Yes, I see the dog. Why do you ask?

A: giok hot wacak qoyci wacak gi! Because that dog is vicious!

B: sepkeca, ni moni anko gi.! Thanks, I have a big stick!